Eric Windover Photography | About
My name is Eric Windover. I live in Central Massachusetts and I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. When I was a young boy going on Boy Scout backpacking trips, I was the kid with the little 110 film camera, documenting everything. I loved getting the developed pictures back to see how they looked.

To this day, I am still moved more by nature than anything. There is endless beauty in the world around us. I've learned that all it takes is to keep your eyes open. I've taken amazing photos in mall parking lots when everyone around me was just going about their business, not noticing the spectacular sky, sunset, or bird of prey just above their heads.

I am mostly self-taught, though I do have a Photography Diploma from Thompson Education.

I now enjoy shooting all subjects. Capturing the joy of a brand new Bride, portraying a product or business in the best possible light, snapping a portrait that conveys the subject's personality as well as their beauty. I love when one of my images makes someone say "oh wow".